New Motors

Gould Electric Motor is the only facility in the West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia coalfields manufacturing several different models of new MSHA approved electric motors.

We have facilities conveniently located in West Virginia as well as our facility in West Frankfort in Southern Illinois.

We design and manufacture electric motors from start to finish. We have produced over 300 motors for OEM customers in the mining industry. We manufacture both AC and DC motors for various applications ranging from shuttle cars to highwall miners.

Our experience with manufacturing new electric motors gives us a significant advantage in repairing electric motors. We do not differentiate between new and used motors when they are in the completion process. We use the same tolerances and quality control standards on all motors whether new or used. We manufacture all motor coils internally, which is the only way to have total control of quality and timing. Unlike other repair facilities, Gould Electric Motor is accustomed to working directly with OEM manufacturers to insure the electric motors we build and repair fit flawlessly with their equipment. In fact, Gould Electric Motor is now producing a complete set of new shuttle car motors including pump, conveyor, and tram motors.

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